Hip Hop is in a state of emergency and Mykill Miers is ready to provide disaster relief. The industry is currently saturated with thoughtless and misogynistic music, which has created a lack of diversity for today’s consumers. “ Hip Hop needs balance,” states Miers, “when I was coming up, for every N.W.A and Too Short there was an X-Clan and Brand Nubian. Nowadays everybody’s talking about the same thing. It‘s time for someone to give Hip Hop a shot of adrenaline.”

One of the alumnus of 'The World Famous Wake Up Show' featuring Sway from MTV, King Tech and DJ Revolution - Los Angeles, California's own Mykill Miers has earned the title of "The Illest MC in LA's Hip Hop Underground". This emcee not only has a vast following from underground Hip Hop heads, Mykill has also garnered some mainstream following with his nationally televised commercials and his
Nationally aired radio jingles for companies such as Budlight, Old Navy, Target, Burger King, Gatorade, and Reebok. Mykill Miers has also licensed his music for documentaries and television shows for such networks as Nickelodeon, VH1, MTV, MTV 2, ESPN, ESPN 2, ABC, CBS, and KCAL 9 Los Angeles. Mykill has also lent his production talents to VH1 for the smash hit "Flavor Of Love 2" He has even lent his voice to the blockbuster Universal Pictures film, “The 40 Year Old Virgin” (2005) and the critically acclaimed indie film “The Namesake” (2007). Since a child Mykill has played bit parts and extra roles in plethora of television shows, movies, and independent films. His work as a script consultant for the movie “Gang Tapes” (2003) earned him a co-starring role in the movie short “Lying Alone” (2003) that earned him rave reviews.

Mykill Miers-born Michael Arrington, has performed all across the globe and has worked with some of the industry's hottest acts such as: The Black Eyed Peas, Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Freddie Foxxx, KRS-One, Public Enemy, The Neptunes, and Wu-Tang Clan. Mykill also was co-host for the ASA Pro Tour competition and X Games competition for ESPN and ESPN 2 in 2000 and 2001. What sets Mykill apart from most artists is that he is a rapper, songwriter, producer, and show host. His diverse lyrical approach, story-telling ability, and eloquence make him an asset to the industry. "He has the ability to reach a large audience with his lyrics, quick wit, vast vocabulary, and his slick street slang. All these qualities makes him a force to be reckoned with," says Marquese Milsap Hip Street Journal

Since his first two album releases on the independent label Ill Boogie Records: It’s Been A Long Time Coming (2000) and The Second Coming (2001); Mykill has been working fiercely at becoming a sought after producer and radio personality. He has produced tracks for several aspiring Hip Hop and R&B artists and has been featured on numerous platinum German producer mixtapes (X-Ray, Phrenquincy, and Brisk Fingaz). Various DJ’s from Spain, Poland, Italy, and New Zealand have also used Mykill on their mixtapes and compilations.

Mykill Miers has also given back to his community. Mykill is the executive director and founder of the F.L.O.C. (Future Leaders Of the Community) mentoring group for boys ages 11-18. With F.L.O.C. Mykill has been able to turn hardened criminals into productive citizens. Mykill Miers has also been named the Los Angeles Community Chapter Chairperson for the Hip Hop Congress. In this position Mykill hopes to uplift the youth and use hip-hop as a motivator for change.

Mykill Miers poetically states, “I see Hip Hop as that young girl I went to school with that got straight A’s and could kick it with everybody. When she went to college, she remained an excellent student all the way up to her junior year. After hanging out with the wrong crowd, she began to party and bulls**t, made a lot of money stripping, and lost her ambition. I’m that old friend that she grew up with who remembers her potential. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to bring her back to greatness.”

Since the critically acclaimed released of 2007’s The Trials Of Job, Mykill Miers furiously working on music for VH1’s Eddie Griffin’s Going’ Broke and the Bravo Networks, Iron Chef and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mykill has definitely adding to his ever-growing resume and legacy as an underground emcee/entrepreneur.

Mykill’s upcoming third album, Take It In Blood (2009) is ready to revive Hip Hop in a way that hasn’t been done in a while. It’s lyrical content speaks to music lovers with urgency, substance, and undeniable skill. “ This fourth album represents the reality of my world - full of life and a style that can only be respected.” Take It In Blood features the likes of Prince Po of Organized Konfusion fame, Aceyalone, Chali2na of Jurassic 5, Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Born Allah, Cat IZ, Black Stephan, Sinis, Craig Smith, Greg Enemy and scratches from DJ Mark Luv and DJ Johnny Juice. The project also features production from DJ Revolution.