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Morning Motivation

You can't control what someone else says & does, but you can control how/if you respond. What they do is on them, how you respond is on you. Revenge only gives the illusion of satisfaction. Paying them back is going backwards. Pay yourself forward & leave their bullshit alone.

Project Tipping Point

Just teamed up with Project Tipping Point. The coalition for responsible community development is recruiting current & former LA County foster youth.  Get tuition support to attend LA Trade Tech College for two years.  Earn at least 30 credits toward an AA degreev and/or Certificate in Liberal Arts or Transportation Manufacturing. Work with a navigator that will support you to achieve your goals.

You may qualify if you...are a current or former LA County foster youth.  Are between the ages of 18-25. Have a high school diploma or equivalent and are interested in attending college full-time for two years.

Courses starting in Spring 2017.

Mandatory info session held on Fridays at 1pm at LA Trade Tech College at LA 125 Bungalows near Sequoia Hall.

To RSVP: (213) 763-5957 or